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A Breath of Fresh air, just minutes from downtown Northampton


Emerson Way Covenants

The Purpose of the Covenants:
"The Developer is desirous of developing an attractive residential
community, encouraging harmonious and pleasing homes,
assuring a high quality of community appearance and providing
and ensuring the preservation of values created at Emerson Way." 

Sampling of the Covenants:

 Residential Use

  •  A Homeowners Association has been established in order to properly maintain, repair, replace and administer various improvements and land in the Emerson Way Subdivision. 
  • Every home owner shall have the right and easement of use and enjoyment, in common with all other home owners, the sidewalks, the emergency access road, all open space parcels and pedestrian and bike paths.
  • The property shall be used for residential use and for the uses which are lawfully accessory or incidental thereto.  In no event shall the premises be used for any purpose that may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance.    

Residence Size

  • One-story dwellings shall contain not less than 1,500 Sq. Ft. of living area.  Two story dwellings shall contain not less than 1000 Sq. Ft on the 1st floor and not less than 1,800 of living area total.
  • No detached accessory structure, such as a greenhouse, tool or storage shed, in ground pool or pet kennel shall be placed within 10 feet of any side or rear lot line and placed within 40 feet of any street/front lot line.

Quality and building approval

  • No building, fence or wall or other structure shall be commenced or erected, nor shall any addition be made, until plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape height, materials, floor plans, color scheme, and the grading plan of the lot to be built upon, have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Developer.  The Developer shall take into consideration the suitability of the proposed structure and materials to the site, including harmony with the surroundings and effects on the outlook from neighboring properties.   
  • No tar paper, asphalt siding, aluminum siding, log siding, texture 11 siding, roll brick or similar materials may be used as siding on outside walls.  Wood clapboard, fiber cement clapboard, and wood shakes shall typically be approved. 
  • A front covered entry porch or no less than 36 sq. ft. shall be required on all residences.  If the owner feels, for historical or other stylistic reasons, that a front porch should be smaller or would be inappropriate, he or she may ask the Developer for a written waiver form this provision which the Developer may grant at its sole discretion.
  • It is the desire of the Developer to maintain tree coverage on every lot, and to protect significant trees with the front yard setback where site conditions permit.  There shall be no clearing within 8 feet of side lot lines, although clearing up to the rear lot line will generally be allowed.  
  • Parking of vehicles over 22 feet in length or 8 feet high shall be prohibited unless parked or stored inside a garage. 
  • Each lot and each home, together with the accessory structures and grounds, shall be maintained in a neat appearance and manner by the owner.

For a complete copy of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Easements and Maintenance Agreements, please contact Listing Agent David Santos at Coldwell Banker Upton-Massamont Realtors.  David.Santos@cbumr.com


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A Breath of Fresh air, just minutes from downtown Northampton